Tuition and Expense Policy

Payment Schedule

$50 a month per class/ 1 hour (1st & 2nd classes per registered family)

$45 a month per class/ 1 hour (3rd & 4th classes per registered family) 10% discount

$40 a month per class/ 1 hour (5th + class per registered family) 20%

$25 per class for ½ hour solo

Annual Registration Fee

$30 for the first member of the family. And $15 for each additional member will cover the cost of mailings, insurance, handbooks and so on. Registration fees are not refundable.

Return Check Fee

There will be a $30 return check fee if your check bounces for any reason.

Types of payment- We accept cash, checks and credit cards. If paying by check please put your child's name in the memo portion of the check. If you pay in cash please ask for a receipt.

Payments are due by the last day of the prior month, for the following months classes. (Example: Payment is due by October 31st for November classes) Any payment received after the 5th of the current month will receive a $10 late fee and the student will not be able to attend class until payment is made. Payments are due on a monthly basis. If there is an issue with payment please see us.